Mojácar Council highlights the importance of the figure of Walt Disney and his possible link to the muncipality

Pupils at the Mojácar Bartolomé Flores public school will have a nice surprise when they return for the next school year.

The school façade now sports a brand-new mural with which Walt Disney and the legend that links him to the municipality will welcome the little ones every morning and will recall the possible origins of one of the most important geniuses in the world of animation.
Mojácar Council developed this idea in collaboration with the “Walt Was Here Association”, which works to highlight the importance of the legend about the Mojácar origins of Walt Disney.
A first project which, as well as the mural with commemorative images and representative figures of this legend, includes a QR in four languages, where you can find out about the whole journey made by this illustrious character and his mother to emigrate from the locality to the US.
The mural was created by Raúl Moreno López, better known as Nauni, along with Danklabara, also a renowned graffiti artist. Nauni started to draw when he was a child, although his mastery of the aerosol was consolidated in 2006. He is currently one of the most in-demand artists, with more than 1,500 works bearing his signature in different styles and present in the famous “stops” that bring together the best international artists in this urban artistic style.
The mural, which already serves as a photographic reference point for local residents and visitors, would be one of the first actions that Mojácar Council has in its portfolio in collaboration with Walt Was Here.
There are also plans to rename a square with the name “Walt Disney Plaza”, which would be complemented with decoration and significant elements, making reference to the legend, as well as a series of streets that would form an official tour, with surprises and allegorical motifs on which residents would be able to collaborate, providing an attraction for families and a complement to the traditional historic routes that are now in high demand through the old town.
The Walt Was Here Association, recently created, has worked intensely in gathering all the traces and clues which have been generated over the years and which bring to light the possible Mojácar origin of Walt Disney.
From documents in the Town Hall itself in the last 35 years to compilations from the Spanish and US press, through to private or official reports, features, as well as their own investigations about everything that leads them to a definitive and indisputable answer about his place of birth.