The Peripherals collective exhibits in Mojácar until 30th of September

Until the 30th of September the “Peripherals” collective is exhibiting in Mojácar in the La Fuente Municipal Art Centre Hall, where the visitor can admire a fantastic collection of the works created by this renowned artistic group.

Many members of the public went along to the inauguration, as did the Mojácar Council Culture Councillor Noemí Linares, who did not want to miss this first day of the exhibition and the opportunity to discuss the characteristics of the exhibition with the artists themselves.
Under the title “Art to take away”, the Mojácar exhibition is a nod by the collective with which they want to give another dimension to art: “You can enjoy art, but also taste it and above all consume it”, they affirm.
“Art to take away” in Mojacar is made up of 56 paintings, 14 sculptures and various items of furniture made with recycled elements.
The Peripherals collective is formed by Rafael Ebrero, Anne Kampschulte and Safi.
Rafael Ebrero, born in Cordoba, is professionally dedicated to envisioning furniture and furnishings with recycled materials. He reuses any discarded thing and gives it new life. An integrative example of art and usefulness.
Anne Kampschulte lives in Almería province, and although she also paints, presenting some of her works in Mojácar, she is essentially a sculptor, working in marble and natural stone.
Safi, from Almería, multi-disciplinary artist, invokes nature as an objective for everything. Nature itself is also very present in his work, using materials which he takes from it, moulding it into forms and compositions that are art and poetry.
Peripherals exhibited in Mojácar 11 years ago. As a collective they have gone almost 10 years without exhibiting. This is one of the first occasions on which they are meeting with the public again.
The exhibition in Mojácar has a careful presentation, both in the placement of their works and in the intention of the message, and in creating an attractive atmosphere for the visitor. Visits to exhibition halls, Safi comments, have cooled off in recent times, perhaps due to social media which shows artists’ work immediately and comfortably, but it is important to see the works “on the spur of the moment”.
The La Fuente municipal art hall opens its doors free of charge, with visiting hours of Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 2pm. Saturdays from 10am to 2pm and from 5-9pm.
However, this weekend it will also remain open on Sunday to extend the possibility of enjoying it. An exhibition not to be missed.