Mojácar Council launches new promotional material ready for the 2020 tourist season.

Mojácar Council’s Tourism Department and Tourist Office have been busy putting together a range of new promotional material to help reinforce the work they already do to attract new visitors.

A new tourist brochure has been produced, with a complete set of practical information on the town, including street maps, that will be useful for visitors as well as locals. Two promotional videos featuring the popular events such as Romantic Night, Night of the Candles and the Moors and Christians Fiesta have also been launched.
The brochure, which came out in January, is in virtual or magazine format and, is seen as an important marketing tool to capture markets and individual customers at fairs and conferences, as well as being available to those visiting the town’s Tourist Offices. With the collaboration from the local and regional business community, there has also been a zero cost to the Council.
In collaboration with the MIC publishing house, the new quality 75 page guide with information in Spanish and English features over 80 fabulous photographs showing off Mojácar’s temptations as a tourist destination. The attractions, such as golf, snorkelling, hiking and cycling, family holidays, gastronomy, culture, history, the beautiful beaches and the historic Old Town are all included. There is also important information on the local services and shops with relevant street maps as well as the places not to miss and special times to visit to take in a big event such as Romantic Night, Night of the Candles or the Moors and Christians Fiesta. The publication has benefited from a commercial collaboration with hotels, restaurants, shops and other tourism agents based in Mojácar and across the Levante.
As a result of a collaboration for the second consecutive year with the private advertising company Guías y Mapas, a more concise 35 page Mojácar Practical Guide with photographs and information in Spanish, English, French and German has been produced. It features an extensive list of the various accommodation available along with useful contact details and street maps. It also has been supported by advertising from hotels, restaurants, estate agencies and other leisure based companies.
Both guides can be seen on the Mojácar website as well as the publishers’ websites. Thanks to this public-private collaboration, the Tourist Office has been given 8,000 free guides that are already being handed out as well as distributed virtually to enquirers through emails and web downloads.