The fifth Mojácar La Vieja excavation campaign begins: an open door to the history of eastern Almería

Mojácar Mayor, Francisco García Flores, Noemí Linares and María Gracia Alarcón, the Councillors for Culture and Tourism respectively, accompanied by the project director, José María Martín Civantos, Jorge Rouco and Pedro Gurriarán, an architect specialising in heritage restoration, have visited the works being carried out at the Mojácar la Vieja archaeological dig.

In this fifth campaign, the second within the general research project, 30 archaeologists from all over the country are working, remaining in Mojácar until the 15th of this month, when another group of 40 archaeologists will replace them on the dig until the end of the works planned for 2023 at the end of September.
Jorge Rouco Collazo, INCIPIT-CSIC researcher, director of the PGI and the excavation campaign, will be present throughout the campaign, as well as José Maria Civantos, University of Granada MEMOLab coordinator.
It also has the collaboration of the University of Exeter Institute of Islamic Archaeology in the UK through the presence of Cristina Martínez Carrillo, doing her doctoral thesis, and the collaboration of the CSIC Institute of History for the study of archaeobotanical remains, with the presence of Antonio Peralta Gómez, also doing his doctoral thesis.
The Mojácar Mayor together with his councillors went around the whole archaeological site, finding out first-hand about the relevance of Mojácar la Vieja in the history of Muslim Spain in the area and in Eastern Almería, as well as the importance of the discoveries being made as the excavations progress.
Among the matters dealt with at the foot of the site, the planning of the expected steps in the future and the possibility of requesting assistance and collaborations with regional and national administrations stand out.
Although there have only been a few days of excavations, various ceramic pieces have already been found and what was the first settlement in Mojácar is taking shape.
It is important to remember that the archaeological site is open to the public, not only to visit it and to ask any questions that may arise, also, and most importantly, to take part in the works the specialists are carrying out and to be able to be an archaeologist for a day or for the time considered appropriate.
Within this open and participatory character of the excavations, the workshops being held to find out about the history of the locality and its surroundings stand out.
Among them are an archaeological ceramics workshop, interactive games about Mojácar la Vieja, washing in the fountain the old way, drawing and painting days, as well as different guided tours of the archaeological site