Mojácar celebrates Andalucía Day with a Flamenco Concert.

Mojácar celebrated Andalucía Day with the official raising of the Andalucian flag in the Town Hall square in the presence of all the Local Authority councillors.

Mojácar Mayor Rosa María Cano proceeded with the flag-raising accompanied by the sounds of the Andalucian anthem, performed by Guillermo Fernández on guitar and singer Mónica Cortés.

A large audience gathered in the Town Hall square for this moving ceremony and were also able to enjoy the reading out of a poem dedicated to the Andalucian provinces and composed by local resident Raquel Jiménez, as well as a performance of singing and dancing by the group formed by Mónica Cortés and Guillermo Fernández.

Both the raising of the Andalucian flag by the municipal authority and the concert were streamed directly via social media by the YouTuber José Potier, who wanted to take part in the acts planned for the day through his connection.

In years prior to the pandemic, Mojácar Council always extended the celebration of 28th February with the release of green and white biodegradable balloons from Plaza Nueva, as well as an invitation to try a giant paella with everyone who wanted to join Mojácar in its commemoration.

For 2022, Mojácar Council still maintains precautionary measures in light of the possible mass of people and the impossibility of being able to comply with the health regulations still in force, which is why it is moving its traditional Andalucía Day programme to next year.