The Collective Exhibition of the artists Bagué and Roge opens in Mojácar

The La Fuente Municipal Art Centre has opened its doors to the collective exhibition of the painter Bagé and the ceramic sculptor Roge, whose works will be on display at this gallery until the end of March.

Brigitte Blansaer, “Bagé”, was born in the Belgian city of Ghent. She studied at the academy of art of Hasseltr and Tongeren.

This is not the first time that she has exhibited at “La Fuente” in Mojácar; she exhibited her work in the locality in April last year and gained notable success among the many visitors who attended this event.

The artist herself says her work is enveloped in the feminine world: its special spirituality and the power that emanates, all brought to life with form and colour, combining her inspiration with entry into the different eras of the universe and the zodiac.

Bagé comments that she wants that with her painting and in her exhibitions, it is her spirituality and her soul that manifest and guide her hand. When she works, she expresses her sentiment: “beauty is born from chaos. Everything and everyone are connected. Everything is energy and vibration”, words that she recalls when she works and all those who come to see her work.

Gené Robert Roge, also born in Belgium, in the locality of Charleroi, has been passionate about ceramics for a long time. She first became interested in art and ancient civilization, learning turning and working with different traditional manufacturing techniques in various workshops in Brussels.

She has taken part in different courses on ceramic decoration and firing methods. She likes to experiment with different techniques and currently, as she comments, she is interested in new nuances in enamel, on which she is focused in her latest works.

Nature and Andalusian culture are some of her most important sources of inspiration and in her surrounding research, always her passion for the world of ceramics.

The Mojácar Council Culture Councillor, Noemí Linares, attended the opening and was able to visit the exhibition accompanied by the two artists and comment on the characteristics of many of the works exhibited at La Fuente as well as the evolution of the work over this last year, mainly of the painter Bagé who is now a Mojácar veteran.

The La Fuente Municipal Art Centre will be open, free of charge, from Monday to Sunday with the opening hours 10am to 2pm.