Mojácar organises a fun search to celebrate World Book Day.

To celebrate World Book Day, Mojácar Council’s Tourism Department organised the “Search For Your Book” game, for the second year running, to which everyone was invited.

10 strategically hidden vouchers had been dotted around some of the most emblematic spots in the town, which when found, could be exchanged at the Tourist Office for a book of their choice from a selection put together by the office staff.
The first voucher was quickly found at 10 a.m. by a visitor from Segovia, who picked out the “Guide to the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain” followed by a San Sebastian couple who chose the “Patrimonial Guide to the Levante Almeriense.”
A young Alicante girl later found her voucher on the entrance sign to the Tourism Office, which had until then gone unnoticed by dozens of tourists. This young reader, with her grandmother and mother, left happily with a copy of “Las Leyendas Mojaqueras.”
Celebrating World Book Day in this way is a great way to look around the town and take in its views whilst having some fun and the ten books found will no doubt be a special reminder of visits made to the town. With the bookshelves of destinations such as Segovia, San Sebastian and Alicante in Spain, as well as much further afield to Russia and Poland, it is a reminder that for literature, there is no distance or frontiers.