Festivities in honour of our Lady of the Rosary in Mojácar

This weekend Mojacar celebrates the festivities in honour of its patron saint, Our Lady of the ´Rosary, which will be held on the 7th and 8th of October.

However, on Friday the 6th, as a prelude to the festivities, Mojácar Council has organised a contemporary circus spectacular thanks to DaniDanielo, with his show “Arena Roja”, where magic and imagination merge, in a special way, with traditional circus. A story that puts us in 2044, when, following numerous catastrophes, the characters find themselves in situations in which only their union can give hope to the world occupied by the Red Sand.
Also on this same day, the first edition of the Mojácar Oktoberfest gets underway and continues throughout the weekend on the Mojácar beachfront promenade in front of El Lance beach. Tastings of craft beers, good food, music and fun games will give content to this offer put together by the area’s traders and hospitality sector, with the collaboration of the local authority.
As usual, on Saturday, the day of the patron saint, the official programme of festivities begins with a Holy Mass in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary. It will be in the Santa María Parish Church at 12 noon. At the end there will be a solemn procession with the image of Our Lady of the Rosary through the streets of Mojácar old town, accompanied by authorities, residents who join the procession and the Municipal Music Band.
At 2pm the traditional Senior Citizens Festivity is planned, a tribute from the municipality to its elderly, highly anticipated by everyone. The Puntazo restaurant, located on the beach road, will be the setting, where a convivial meal for all the elderly of the municipality will be offered, without forgetting a raffle with surprise gifts, live music and dancing.
On Sunday the ribbon race will mark the last day of the celebration of the patron saint festivities with the concentration of the ribbon race participants, dressed in traditional Mojácar costume, at 5pm at the Mojácar Fountain.
At 5.30pm, the young men of the municipality, now ready on their mounts to, in an exciting horseback competition, see who can get the most ribbons and their consequent reward in the form of a kiss from the young owner.