Mojácar celebrates its particular Oktoberfest

The Tap Room brewery and Mojácar Playa traders, together with the Local Council, has organised for the 6th, 7th and 8th of October, and for the first time in the municipality, a very particular Oktoberfest with which to welcome the autumn and a long list of activities planned to also continue enjoying Mojácar all year.

The festivity will take place on the Playa de Lance Nuevo beach and in the Plaza de la Mojaquera located on the Paseo Marítimo beach road. It will open its doors from 11 in the morning, remaining fully up and running until 11pm, and with free entrance.

Together with local artisan breweries and six others from the Costa del Levante, they will set up beer taps, all artisanal, of 25 different types, 90% of which will be Spanish.
With beer taking centre stage, especially Spanish beer, it can be accompanied with good food in the three restaurants in the plaza, where the Mojacar Oktoberfest will be set up, and which will dedicate these three days to this festival’s typical and traditional food: sausages or hamburgers, without lacking the traditional pretzel, and to combine, why not, with Spanish food.
As it is about celebrating and having fun, music, from five in the evening, will liven up the dancing and the games: competitions and gymkhanas, that the local traders have organised, with prizes included.
It has the German community, which has already expressed its intention of taking part, as well as the British, Scandinavian and a good number of residents from the Nordic countries, who, together with the Spanish, do not want to miss this very special celebration, suitable for families and for all those who want to enjoy a fun day and a different weekend.
A space will have been set up for a market with local artisanal products, and a whole festive atmosphere that the Mojácar traders are preparing, and into which they are putting a lot of effort.