Sopalmo festivities in Mojácar 2023

The Sopalmo neighbourhood patron saint festivities 2023 in Honour of Christ the King have been celebrated in Mojácar.

Sopalmo, which means natural shelter or cave, is one of the most emblematic districts of Mojácar, which, although it preserves the essence of authenticity of all Mojácar districts, has managed to find a special place in the heart of the locals and of many artists and summer holidaymakers, who look for the authentic flavour of Andalucía of all times among its streets and corners.
Following its traditions, the Sopalmo festivities had a solemn mass in honour of Christ the King, the married people’s ribbon race, how could it be otherwise, the junior ribbons on motorcycles, a lot of dancing, music and the desire to meet again with friends and family.
The opening address for this 2023 edition was given by Eloisa Montoya Torres, Mojácar Council Tourism Agent and a person very connected to Sopalmo.
Eloisa Montoya was queen of the festivities, ribbon race participant for several years, collaborated with the district’s Festivities Commission and named, rightly, Miss Congeniality. Likewise, she’s a habitue of its beaches and the magical corners that Sopalmo offers.
“Through this festivity we remember our routes and traditions, strengthening our sense of belonging and unity as a people. In these festivities we find a space to share joy and happiness with friends, family and neighbours. Thanks to every generation that has contributed to keeping our customs and values alive. It is a privilege to celebrate this legacy together.”
With these words, the herald wanted to emphasise the friendliness, simplicity and naturalness that characterises the Sopalmo residents and which make it even more attractive and authentic. Values which they have known how to pass on to the youngest and which are even more evident on such well-loved dates.
The Queen of the Sopalmo 2023 festivities is Ana Belén Torres Crespo and her Ladies: Rocio Hernández Gómez, Andrea Requena Gallardo, Ainhoa Castillo Zamora and Paula Flores Piqueras. These youngsters will be the ambassadors of the neighbourbood until its next edition.
Sopalmo is a well-known corner of Mojácar, which should not be left off any visitor’s route when it comes to knowing the municipality and its treasures a little better.