Scouts from Granada, belonging to the Fénix group, take part in the Mojácar council environmental programme

From the 3rd of August to the 5th of the month, the Fénix Scouts group from Mojácar will stay in Mojácar taking part in activities included in the environmental programme created by Mojácar Council, and carrying out several projects that they themselves have developed for their stay in the locality.

When they arrived in Mojácar they were received by the Culture Councillor, Noemí Linares, who welcomed them and was able to meet in person these youngsters who had voluntarily chosen this municipality as a centre of their activities within the organisation to which they belong.
The Group, made up of 20 scouts, including the two monitors in charge, are being put up by Mojácar Council at the town’s Multi-Uses Centre in connection with their voluntary work in the municipality.
The choice of Mojácar was motivated by many reasons, among them their interest in the battle against the proliferation of plastic on beaches and coastlines and their fight against “basuraleza” (rubbish and litter in nature).
As well as actively taking part in the cleaning of the beach and the seafront promenade, throughout these days they plan to carry out explanatory campaigns about the importance of not leaving waste and informing citizens about correct recycling.
With an average of 17, the commitment of the youngsters is of great importance as they are the future generations and the inheritors of the planet.
The Scouts in Spain is an educational movement, to which a great number of people throughout the world belong, sharing the same system of values and the desire to build a more sustainable world, respect human rights and nature.
The Scouts-Explorers Federation of Spain is a non-profit organisation present in Spain since 1912 and one of Spain’s biggest childhood, youth and voluntary NGOs, which has more than 34,000 members and 7,000 volunteers.