Mojácar is the base for the Spanish canine use sport obedience competition

One of the scoring trials for the Spanish championship of ODU dog Use Sport Obedience has been held in Mojácar with the participation of 40 dogs from across the country and of all breeds and mixed breeds, divided into the official categories of: puppies, basic, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade, according to the dog’s age and the difficulty of the trials.

The competition was held in the La Mata area, organised by the Almería City Kennel Club in collaboration with Mojácar Council, and is the second of its kind to be held in Almería.
The different trials were staged within a great atmosphere of camaraderie and competitiveness. The dog-trainer pairings were of the most varied, those taking part going from nine-year-old children to adults, offering a perfect image of collaboration between both, without taking into account the age of one or the other.
This qualifying trial was attended by the local Mayor, Francisco García Cerdá, and the Sports Councillor, Jesús Montoya, who presented the prizes to the winners. The great work of the Almería City Kennel Club is noteworthy, not only for the perfect organisation of the trial but also for the great work it does throughout the year, encouraging the joint work of dogs and owners, making them discover a new way of enjoying a sporting activity together and a new form of communication and camaraderie which goes far beyond what can be enjoyed from having a pet, as well as the many possibilities there are to practice skills with dogs.
The Almería City Kennel Club is also associated to the Spanish Mondioring Association, a form of canine sport that tests the ability of the dogs to protect both themselves and their owners, even through external distractions. Another facet that it puts into practice in the province, and which makes it a benchmark in working with dogs, whatever the chosen relationship, although this category does not correspond to the trial held in Mojácar, where only skills are taken into account and it is not professional.
Standing out is the prize in the third grade, which was obtained by a small, mixed-breed dog called Mouse and his owner, Elsa Pinilla, from Alicante. Mouse was adopted by Elsa as he did not fit in, due to his great energy, with his first family. Correctly channelled this talent, he is a promising figure in the 2023 championship and an example of work and the results that can be obtained with any dog if you know how to work with it.
Along these lines, the Almería City Canine Club offered a special prize to the “happiest pairing”, a reward for working positively and where dog and owner demonstrate a special understanding. Yet another example of the great professional and personal standing of this Almería club.