Mojácar Castle: The St. Augustine festivities 6th Digital Game Day Challenge

For the Saint Augustine Festivity, which is celebrated in Mojácar from the 25th to the 28th of August, the Festivities Department and its head, Jesús Montoya Gredilla, has organised an extensive programme of festivities, which includes activities designed for all ages.

For the youngest, the 6th Digital Game Day was held, the Guadalinfo school bringing together 12 youngsters in a fun challenge where they had to imagine what Mojácar’s castle would be like through the 3D digital game, Minecraft.
This construction video game, which started with a version for mobile devices, grew until it reached consoles, and today it is very popular among young people.
The game centres on placing blocks, cubic three-dimensional, with which you can create all kinds of constructions and also natural elements, which opens up a wide range of possibilities and where there are no limits to the player’s imagination.
The challenge started at 10am at the Guadalinfo centre in Mojácar’s Multi-Uses Centre. For three hours, participants let loose their imaginations, and the works presented were high quality.
The jury, responsible for choosing a first prize and three finalists, had a difficult job selecting the winner.
There was everything in the proposals for Mojácar castles presented by the participants: moats, a throne room, waterfalls, defensive towers and a multitude of details, including the lighting, furniture and gardens, which did not make choosing one from among them at all easy.
In the end, although the four competitors with the most points received their well-deserved cup, they all received a medal for their brilliant collaboration and a “sweet” souvenir for taking part, which was presented by the Festivities Councillor, Jesús Montoya Gredilla, and the Councillor for Commitment to the Citizenship, María Luisa Pérez, with the presence of the Guadalinfo classroom teacher, Miguel García Campoy, who was also assisting the participants throughout the day.