Mojácar adds a new ´calistreetnia’ Street Workout Park to its sports facilities.

Mojácar´s Sports Department has recently opened up a Calistreetnia Park, designed to complement its other sports facilities for young athletes.

Located by the Playa del Descargador, the 102 m2 park has been constructed on a concrete base, with impact absorption flooring made up of two layers of recycled rubber.
The new Street Workout Park includes 9 upright posts and two sets of parallel bars, one of which is inclined, to allow for maximum versatility when selecting suitable exercises. It is also situated near the recently opened Skateboard Park, proving to be in high demand by the young and, not so young athletes.
Ana García, Mojácar´s Sports Councillor, is delighted with the completion of these two latest projects, which are part of a sporting offer throughout the town and, for which there are further projects planned.
Calistreetnia Parks are gaining popularity day by day with their fixed physical training equipment to enjoy open air Street Workouts that encourage good sporting habits as well as positive and healthy values among young athletes.