The photographic exhibition “Al Mojácar” captures the people of the town.

The “Al_Mojácar” photography exhibition was recently inaugurated at Mojácar´s La Fuente Centro de Arte, showing a selection of Miguel García Campoy´s project which has involved in photographing the town´s residents.

50 of the 200 photographs he has compiled to date are on show, all in black and white because as Miguel says, “it makes everyone equal and brings them to the same level.” The images show some of the well known characters that can be found every day walking around Mojácar, including generations looking at camera together, girls in dancing costumes or playing with soap bubbles, bandits, Moors and musicians. It presents a whole universe full of life that for now, are watching from the other side of the camera lens.
Al_Mojácar is part of Alnomalia and the Contemporary Art Aid Biennial, which aims to promote the plastic arts and is a project organised by Almería´s Provincial Council, with in this case, the support of Mojácar Council.
Miguel´s aim was to give photography prominence in making solid images as nowadays, with the ease in which they can be taken, they often pass into the background or are soon erased. To achieve this authenticity, his photographs for Al_Mojácar are traditional, “without any tricks” and, have been taken quickly to give spontaneity and capture a true expression.
The inauguration was attended by Raquel Belmonte, Mojácar´s Councillor for Culture, María Luisa Pérez, the Councillor to the Mayor’s Office, as well as representatives from Almería Provincial Council´s Culture Department.
The exhibition will be open to the public until April 29th, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m, although Miguel is continuing with his project to photograph the town´s residents. At the Centro de Usos Múltiples on Thursday afternoons (or by appointment at other times) people of the town can help him expand this digital archive that will remain in the hands of the Council permanently as a visual memorial.