The Territorial Delegate for Tourism, Culture and Sport in Almería visits Mojácar on World Tourism Day.

The Junta de Andalucía territorial delegate for Tourism, Culture and Sport in Almería, José Ángel Vélez González, visited Mojácar to, together with the local mayor, Francisco García Cerdá, and his government team, take part in several of the events programmed by the local authority on the occasion of World Tourism Day.

José Ángel Vélez visited the Mojácar la Vieja excavations and was able to chat with the archaeologists, who, on their fifth campaign, are carrying out the works of recovering the ancient Mojácar settlement.
Accompanied by José María Civantos, coordinator of the University of Granada Biocultural Archaeology laboratory (MEMOLab), and CSIC researcher Jorge Rouco, the territorial delegate, alongside the mayor and the Tourism and Culture councillors, toured the enclaves where the excavations are being carried out, as well as the latest work being done by the team of archaeologists, being able to find out first-hand about the results that, on first impressions, have emerged from this campaign.
The territorial delegate demonstrated at all times his interest in the experts’ explanations, highlighting the potential and the importance of the Mojácar la Vieja dig site based on what can be seen with the naked eye and the discoveries made so far.
According to the territorial delegate, the general plans in Almería are now being drawn up, and it is a great time for the future of this project, in which we must continue excavating, researching and documenting, he affirmed.
“It is a tourism resource of the first order that reinforces Mojácar as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain, reinforces its potential and which represents another incentive”, a resource that has to be made available to all the residents and visitors who come to the locality.
José Ángel Vélez wanted to share with the Mojácar Mayor, his government team and with the population of Mojácar a special day for the locality, like World Tourism Day, a municipality that has recently been named Andalucía tourism municipality in its own right.
Among other activities for World Tourism Day, Mojácar Council organised a guided visit to the dig site for all those interested in finding out about the conclusions on the foundation of the first Mojácar enclave and transfer to its current location.