New Mojácar municipality quality tourism plan approved at plenary meeting.

The plan contains the new strategies for Mojácar as a tourist destination, designed with a time horizon of four years (2022 -2025).

With the objective of providing a response to the new challenges which arise in the sector, the recently approved plan aims to improve the competitiveness of the Mojácar tourist destination, improve its position in the national and international context and increase its quality and sustainability.

It is a strategic document to mark out the course of Mojácar tourism activity coming from an in-depth analysis, which includes an economic study, along with an always and continuously updated observation of its offer, resources and tourism demand.

The diagnosis has been validated and completed through a participatory process, carried out through hundreds of surveys and specific meetings with associations, professionals, agents, residents, etc., in which all the contributed comments, suggestions and evaluations have been brought together. This participative process has not only led to the specific actions featured in the plan, but also form part of one its strategic lines for the improvement in management as a tourist destination.

Among the plan’s general aims are moving forward in a model of tourism management, with the basic pillars of environmental, economic and social sustainability, strengthening strategies orientated at reducing the seasonality of tourism activity through the creation of products and the development of sectors which can be established set up throughout the year.

At the same time, this planning aims to boost the local economy, reaching not only pre-health crisis levels, but improving on them. Similarly, it aims to maintain or even exceed the rates of satisfied tourists, excellence and quality in the destination and generate increasingly stable employment in the sector.

The plan is divided into five strategic plans which allows programmes, projects and actions to be grouped together around elements with homogeneous characteristics.

These lines bring together the protection and enhancement of its landscape and beauty, environmental protection, energy saving, sustainable movement, inclusivity and universal accessibility, promotion and tourism intelligence and the participation of Mojácar society in the management of the destination, among other aspects.

For the development of the new Mojácar Municipality Tourism Quality Plan, the local council will use its own funds, request assistance and seek the institutional and financial support of higher administrations. For this reason, in the medium-term the aim is to initiate the request for the declaration Tourist Municipality of Andalucía for Mojácar.