Piano class students from the Municipal Music School offer their traditional easter week concert

The Plaza del Parterre served as the stage for the piano class students from the Mojácar Municipal Music School, who offered a concert as the beginning of the activities programmed by the Local Council for Easter Week.

Six young pianists and their teacher, Yolanda Parra Niederhauser, performed a selection of classical piano music as well as the songs from the soundtracks of well-known children’s films. One of the most touching stories of the day was that two of the performers, father and daughter, both piano class students, coincided as performers.
For some years the piano class students have offered two annual concerts: in honour of Saint Cecilia, patron saint of music, and at Easter; both much-anticipated by Mojácar residents, great music enthusiasts.
Yolanda Parra has for the last 15 years been in charge of teaching the very youngest, from three to seven years old, in the musical initiation class. She is also the piano teacher at the Municipal Music School, which has more than 30 students divided into different levels of learning.
The piano is one of the most complete instruments that exists. Despite this, there are a number of students in the piano class preparing to take the middle grade, which can be done at the Cuevas del Almanzora Music Conservatory.
The Municipal Music School, with close to 100 students, offers possibilities for learning nearly all the instruments, being the talent pool for the majority of the members of the Municipal Music Band. It also has a Spanish dance and singing class. The offer will soon be expanded to the double bass and the cello. The registration period for the next course will open in May.
The music classes and for learning to play the piano, as well as any other instrument for which the Mojácar Municipal Music School has teachers, officially start with the next school year, although anyone interested can join at any time during the course.
No matter the age or level; it’s never too late to learn, and in any case, music improves intellectual ability and memory, both in children and adults.