The Municipal Rhythmic Gymnastics School students rack up a another succes in the competition held in Viator for the Costa de Almería Cup

Following on from their recent success in Níjar, the students of the Mojácar Municipal Rhythmic Gymnastics School have taken part in the First Phase of the Costa de Almería CUP held in Vícar, once again achieving an optimum classification with six medals, which puts them in an excellent position for the next tournament in Viator and gives great hopes for the final which will take place in Almería in the Rafael Florido municipal sports complex.

The six podium positions correspond to a gold medal, three silver and two bronze, belonging to the categories of individual “pre-benjamin” (born 2015-2016), individual “benjamin” (born 2012-2014), individual “alevin” (born 2011-2012), initiation “alevin”, infant group and mini-baby group.
Our young adults have once again gained admiration and the best marks, despite some of the participants being off sick, making it impossible for them to be at this first meeting of the Costa de Almería CUP and compete with their companions for the top places.
The sporting trajectory of the Mojácar Municipal Rhythmic Gymnastics School could not have got off to a better start, the competition season having only just got going and already having 19 medals to their credit.
In their second year of competition, in which they are measuring up against the best teams of both Almería and other Andalucía provinces, and despite this difficulty, they already have many possibilities for leaving Mojácar in a good place within Almería rhythmic gymnastics and rubbing shoulders, without inhibitions, with other important clubs and sports schools.
If there are no setbacks, and the good results are repeated, the Mojácar rhythmic gymnastics team could be among the top five in the general classification. A position that would mark an achievement in the club’s sporting history.
The league will end on the 14th of May in the Almería capital, but not the training and the other commitments, like their eagerly anticipated participation at the end of the course in the Mojácar Municipal Sports School closing gala, where they are always much anticipated and highly applauded.
María del Mar Montoya, their coach for two years, will continue working with her students once the competition season is over until the end of the course, reinforcing the training on the points that are necessary so as to not forget was has been learnt before summer and the holidays when sports activity is interrupted.
Good luck and much encouragement to these young rising stars and their coach for the next date, which will be the 1st of April in Viator, where there will be more than 650 gymnasts.