Mojácar receives the conductors of the Province´s Music Bands in a specialisation course

An important course for the conductors of Music Bands and Orchestras has taken place in Mojácar, organised by the Almería Provincial Council and the FEDERBAND Music Bands Federation, in collaboration with Mojácar Council.

The master instructor for this important gathering was Miguel Sánchez Ruzafa, principal conductor of the Granada Municipal Music Band and Principal Conductor of the Classical Orchestra of the same city.
Sánchez Ruzafa has an extensive CV of academic qualifications, obtained not only in Spain, but also some of them in countries with a great musical tradition and level of exactitude like Italy and Austria. At a professional level, he has been professor of Harmony at the Granada Royal Superior Conservatory of Music, among many other relevant posts in the conducting of orchestras.
Throughout his career, he has conducted several orchestras all over Spain and internationally, and among other countries, it is worth noting the conducting of orchestras in Italy, France and the US.
The opening of the course was attended by the Mojácar Mayor, Francisco García Cerdá, accompanied by the Culture Councillor, Noemi Linares. The conductor of the Municipal Music Band, Miguel Ángel Miranda, was also present.
At the opening act the Mayor expressed his support for culture and his intention, and that of the Corporation he leads, to recover the city of Mojácar and consolidate it as a meeting point for art and culture, not only in the Levante region of Almería, but also the province.
To access this Almería Federation of Bands course it is necessary to be conducting a music band in the province or be a member or have the higher level and be federated in one of them.
The orchestra conducting courses consist of consolidating and using knowledge of the instrument that the conductor handles: in this case the music band, the orchestra or the choir, through their hands.
The conducting of an orchestra is the highest degree in the world of music. You have to master two instruments that make up the orchestra, master harmony, counterpoint, composition and demonstrate great worth. Up until not long ago it took nearly 30 years to have the degree.
For Miguel Sánchez Ruzafa, in Spain there has always been a good level of orchestra conductors, mainly due to the character of the Spanish. At the level of composition and of conducting, they are the two most complicated levels within music.
Profound knowledge of all the instruments is what gives mastery of the scores. Among the qualities and the training that a good conductor must have the following stand out: a good ear and complete dedication.