Mojácar Council expands and reinforces the bus service throughout the Municipality

Mojácar Council has expanded the public transport service in the municipality, with three bus lines that support and boost the movement of users throughout the whole municipality. Until now Mojácar has only had one route that was circular, regardless of the final destination.

From the 1st of October, users will be able to choose from among the three routes, according to their destination.

Line 1 will connect Sopalmo with Mojácar village and vice versa, picking up passengers at all the previously existing usual stops on the route between Macenas, Pueblo Indalo, the Parque Comercial and Mojácar Pueblo.

Line 2 will connect Marina de la Torre with Mojácar village and vice versa, likewise with the regular stops along the whole route between Marina de la Torre, the Parque Comercial and the old town. This line has the novelty that it will go up Avenida del Mar and will provide a service to the hotels in the Marina de la Torre urbanisation, facilitating the mobility of residents of this area and of the people staying in the hotel establishments, returning to the coast to continue on its usual route.

Line 3 will run along the entire Paseo Marítimo, connecting Macenas with Marina de la Torre. Users will be able to find the usual stops, going by the Hotel Indalo, Parque Comercial, the Palmeral and Marina de la Torre and vice versa.

This municipal initiative means greater ease and speed for getting around the whole municipality, choosing the line according to the destination. Hence the service has been expanded, and the number of buses.

The complete timetables, according to the stops and the lines, can be consulted on the Local Council website, where all the conveniently detailed information can be found, as well as on the Mojácar application for mobiles and on social media.

Movement along the coast is reinforced with this municipal initiative, the number of stops has been increased and there is more frequent communication with the more remote points, plus routes are rationalised.

With this measure Mojácar council aims to facilitate the use of public transport, reminding residents and visitors that public transport is more sustainable, environmentally friendly and practical. It reduces costs in regard to private transport and avoids parking problems.