Mojácar starts Easter Week with all its beaches and services ready and with an occupancy forecast of around 90%.

The tourist season gets underway in Mojácar, and despite the stormy weather of recent days, with all the beaches ready, the hotels, beach bars and business premises open, and ready to begin the first days of the holidays with optimism in anticipation of what is expected to be a good start to the season.

According to initial figures, as of this weekend occupation is at 80 to 90%. Close to 10,000 hotel places, plus a further 7,500 places in hotel accommodation, 6,338 tourism properties, and an undetermined number of second residences, which will accommodate their owners during the holidays.
The increase in visitors has been noticeable since last Friday, with a lot of traffic and restaurants and bars crowded with customers, the streets full of life, and the first bathers on the beaches.
However, the greatest number of visitors will be registered from Maundy Thursday onwards. The forecasts are very optimistic and could be around figures of over 90%. Some establishments could be completely full.
Following two days of intense work, the beaches are in perfect condition for use, ready for sunbathing and the occasional swim, as the weather forecasts are favourable.
In addition, Mojácar Council has also begun the rescue and lifesaving service on its urban beaches, starting the season with all the safety services activated.
The storms have not particularly affected the area’s beach bars, and although there has been some damage, it has been possible to sort it out in time, the rough weather having surprised them as they were carrying out the finishing touches. This circumstance has made it possible to quickly resolve everything.
Easter Week in Mojácar has also recovered its tradition in regard to religious programming. All the processions, religious acts and other activities carried out in the old town return to fill the streets of Mojácar village following two years of the pandemic, allowing for the increase in the free time and leisure offer for visitors.