Young people from Mojácar recreate “Mojácar La Vieja” in 3D

Twelve young people from Mojácar came together at the Guadalinfo facilities to take part in the creative interactive workshop about “Mojácar la Vieja”, organised as part of the activities organised around the fifth excavation campaign of the ancient Mojácar settlement.

This workshop has been designed for children and organised by the Mojácar Council Culture Department and the Guadalinfo centre, and included among the activities that Mojácar Council and the University of Granada MEMOlab Biocultural Archaeology Laboratory, are running on due to the Mojácar la Vieja fifth excavation campaign.
On this occasion, the proposal of workshop director Miguel García-Campoy for the participants was for each of them to build their house in the ancient settlement and help construct, in 3D, the castle with its walled enclosure.
The activity is completely collaborative between the participating children, sharing a common digital environment and being able to freely interact with each other.
The simulation of Mojácar la Vieja is achieved through joint work that takes shape and life, thanks also to new technology as well as the instructions on its use by the workshop director and to the teaching they are receiving throughout the year on the courses run at Gaudalinfo, the Andalucia public network on digital competence.
The youngsters were debating for two hours about what the ancient Mojácar would be like or how they would like it to have been. The result could not have been more spectacular.
Defensive towers, walls, roads, houses and even a small river that supplied the town with the necessary water for the life of the locality are reflected in what the Mojácar la Vieja hill is for the Mojácar youngsters.
Throughout the whole of September, in parallel to the archaeological activities, different activities have been staged and there are many others yet to come, all in relation to the archaeological site and its history, but also and principally, about the cultural, social and economic environment of the zone and its inhabitants throughout the 11th to 12th centuries, the period of its creation.
Hence on the 20th a photography day is planned, which will take place at the archaeological dig site itself throughout the day with the aim of capturing the role the archaeologists play in the recovery of the history of Mojácar.
There has also been organised for the 27th of September a day of drawing and painting to, on Thursday 28th, present an exhibition of the results of this fifth archaeological campaign 2023 at 8pm in the locality’s Multi-Uses Centre.