Mojácar´s Moors and Christians Parade goes out live on American TV’S ABC News

Mojácar´s Moors and Christians Fiesta has once again drawn to a close for another year, following a well organized event that certainly pulled in the crowds.

In fact, the number of visitors keeps growing every year, all with the intent of enjoying a weekend full of non-stop things to see and do.
Of course, the highlight is Sunday evening´s Grand Parade, which pulls in thousands of visitors, as well as locals, who want to see one of the most spectacular shows in the Almerian province.
The Fiesta has also attracted the interest of the world´s media, with the spectacular costumes, music and gunpowder reaching TVs in far flung places, resulting in the Grand Parade being seen by more people than ever.
For the first time, American viewers could watch the show live on their largest TV network, ABC News, on its “Good Morning America” show. This television and radio company belongs to The Walt Disney Company and ABC News is part of the American Broadcasting Company, which shares much of its programming with the UK´s BBC News, Orbit News in Europe and Oriente Medio. This new broadcasting link was made through America´s prestigious information agency, Associated Press, which is based in New York.
Mojácar´s Moors and Christians Fiesta is now considered a greater international platform every year with increasing visitors from different countries, as well as a growing interest from the world’s media.
Now, with everything seemingly over, Mojácar´s Moors and Christians Association along with the local Council will be thinking up some new themes and ideas for this annual highlight in order to ensure everyone enjoys the event more and more every year.