Mojácar´s moors and christians fiesta begins.

Yesterday, Friday 8th June, Mojácar’s eagerly anticipated Moors and Christians Fiesta gets underway, with non-stop action throughout the weekend that fills the town with sound and colour. It draws to a close on Sunday with the stunning Grand Parade full of pomp and ceremony, that includes all the different groups of Moorish Kábilas and Christian Cuarteles in their stunning costumes, along with their accompanying riders and music bands.


Yesterday morning, the children from Bartolomé Flores School made their own mini procession, in costume, up to the town’s Plaza Nueva where they gave opening speeches to announce the start of the Fiesta.  Leading up to today’s parade, the youngsters have had a full week of fiesta related educational workshops designed to give an understanding of the event´s origins and its historical relevance.  In the sessions, they made shields, masks, and medieval clothing as well as getting together in groups for some fun playacting all with the aim of their encouraging their interest and participation in future years.

Also, from midday on Friday, the medieval market opens in the Plaza Nueva, where there are all sorts of artisan products on offer by the stall holders all dressed in their period outfits that should transport everyone back to the Middle Ages.

The Fiesta starts officially, however, at 9.30 p.m. when the Christians and Trabuqueros with their noisy blunderbusses gather at La Fuente to re-enact the historic event of 531 years ago when the Catholic Kings entered Mojácar and the keys of the town were handed over by the Moorish King.

From here at 10.30p.m, the troops, presided over by their respective captains make their way up the hill to the Plaza Nueva to the sound of the town band and loud gunfire.  Everyone then assembles for the official Fiesta opening speeches, delivered by both the adult and children’s ambassadors.  After that, it´s time for the various Kábilas and Barracks organised by Mojácar´s seven different groups to open up for a party that keeps going until dawn!

On the Saturday, there will be a new addition for the Fiesta, with a medieval camp set up on El Nuevo Lance beach in front of the Pueblo Indalo, organized by Mojácar Council and the Al-Mosaquer Moors and Christians Association.  Later, at 6 p.m. on the same beach, there will be a medieval tournament where Moorish and Christian riders try to win the most scarves worn by the ladies of both sides. Afterwards, the troops in full costume will march along the Promenade from the Ankara Chiringuito to the Red Cross, accompanied by a fire and dance spectacular.

If you plan on coming along to the Fiesta, it is recommended to use the local public transport system, which has extended hours and number of buses as well as special faster routes.  The town´s taxi service is also being reinforced over the weekend.