Mojácar gets ready for “Romantic night” with the most beautiful kiss at midnight.

Mojácar is busy preparing for its most romantic night of the year, which will take place in the historic old town on Saturday 22nd June.

Already, love is in the air with balloons and hearts filling the buses to the surprise of the passengers and, even the weekly market has joined in to boost the event by decorating the stalls in line with the theme.
Mojácar Council is organizing Romantic Night for the third successive year and, is one of the 53 municipalities of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain taking part in this unique celebration.
However, Italy, France and Belgium are participating too, bringing together more than over 400 European towns for the midnight highlight of the Most Beautiful Kiss. At that point, Mojácar, calls everyone to unite in love, remembering that this encompasses love of all kinds, be it simply affection or friendship.
The town’s streets will be decorated with more than 2,000 balloons and hearts, including a beautiful welcoming arch with live piano music at the Marquita la Posá cave. This is the setting of the old Mojácar legend surrounding a beautiful damsel who entered a loveless marriage in order to save the town.
Music as always will play a big part on the night to entertain those taking a stroll around, with live concerts including jazz and boleros in the Plazas Parterre and Fronton. Mime artists will wander the streets with fun displays of love to amuse both young and old, with the addition of plenty of free balloons for the children.
The romantic atmosphere will also be on show in the shops, bars and restaurants, all decorated to entice everyone to make a purchase or try one of the specially designed romantic menus in the town´s wonderful setting.
The Plaza Nueva will be the place to be at midnight as the bells of the Santa María Church Parish chime, when everyone in Mojácar along with thousands across Europe, will kiss in unison on this unforgettable night under the stars. The firework display will then mark the start of more music and dancing on the Plaza Nueva´s huge dance floor which has, without doubt, one of the most spectacular views of the region.