Mojácar wins the Ecovidrio Green Flag as the most sustenaible municipality of the summer in the whole of Spain

Mojácar has got its first Green Flag, one of only eight awarded in the whole of Spain, and promoted by Ecovidrio, through the 2021 Green Flag Movement.

This award accredits Mojácar as the most sustainable municipality of the summer.
The Green Flag is a physical and symbolic recognition which Ecovidrio awards to the municipality which has demonstrated the greatest involvement in the “2021 Green Flag Movement”, becoming the benchmark for recycling glass containers, the fight against climate change and for caring for our coasts.
Ecovidrio got in contact with Mojácar Council to inform them that they have surpassed the challenge with the highest score of the whole campaign: a total of 1,920 points and with a more than 700-point difference in relation to the next placed.
Ecovidrio has established a specific scoring system to distinguish those most committed to recycling and sustainability with the Green Flag. Criteria like an increase in the volume of the selective collection of glass containers on the previous year, the percentage of the participating local hospitality sector and their collaboration on achieving the aims, and the commitment acquired by local authorities to promoting the campaign among the hospitality industry, as well as the maximum dissemination of the same among citizens and visitors.
A total of 69,321 kilos of glass was collected in Mojácar between July and August, which corresponds to 31% more than over the same period of the previous year. In July, 36,756 kg were recycled, and in August 32,656 kg.
Forty-one establishments in the locality have taken part in the Green Flag Movement and 16 vinyl buckets have been given out, as well as 10 more with the campaign image distributed around the most commercial streets.
According to the organisation, thanks to the Mojácar Council teamwork, citizens and hospitality business owners, Mojácar has taken an important step in the transition to a circular economy and in the struggle against climate change, becoming an example of the green recovery of the hospitality sector.
In the 2021 campaign, 125 local councils in up to five autonomous communities and more than 14,000 catering business establishments have aimed for one of these Green Flags. In Andalucía alone, 41 municipalities also strived for this award.
The official presentation of this recognition will be, with full honours, at a joint act with the rest of the winners on 14th October in Madrid.
The award will be presented to Mojácar by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Morán.