Mojácar local Osaïa Reding world Kitesurf champion

Osaïa Reding, Mojácar’s best-known kiteboarder, has for the third consecutive time revalidated her title as world Kitesurf junior champion in the
Freestyle Sub 19 category, celebrated in Tarifa.

With the recently won title of Champion of France under her belt, Osaïa once again faced the best riders in the world in the Cádiz town of Tarifa, where this time she won the well-deserved world title.
The sporting career of this young woman of just 17 years of age is unstoppable. Since she started out aged just nine, she has picked up nearly all the existing national and international titles.
On her return home to Mojácar she was received by Mojácar Mayor, Rosa María Cano, and Sports Councillor, Francisco García Cerdá.
Following the congratulations for such a brilliant sporting career and for her achievements, Osaïa Reding signed the municipality’s book of honour, in which she wanted to express her gratitude to Mojácar Council for the support received throughout her sporting career.
Mojácar Council is one of her sponsors, always following her training and the results in the numerous competitions in which she takes part with interest.
This has been a difficult year for Osaïa as the pandemic and the impediments to getting around had her very worried. Two injuries also kept her away from the rhythm of work, from the maximum demand, she is used to having.
Her quality as a sportswoman and her maturity in facing all the challenges have gained her a well-deserved reward.
For next year she is now preparing for the championship of Spain. Training starts right away. On the near horizon there are the Paris Olympics and her dream of being able to represent Spain in this sport and show off the Mojácar shield on her board along with the best.
The beaches of Mojácar will, following this break in which she has been battling to revalidate her title, once again be the setting for the development of her “tricks”, flying over the waves in dizzying manoeuvres which leave beachgoers and everyone who stops to admire her open-mouthed.