Mojácar launches new bus shelters that complement the remodeling of the paseo marítimo pavement

Among the improvements that Mojácar Council is carrying out on the Paseo Marítimo coastal road, the remodelling and creation of five bus stops is one of the Council’s latest actions.

Four of them, two located at the Parque Comercial and the other two at the fountain, have been financed by the Junta de Andalucía and are completely new. The fifth, located in Río Abajo, also newly created, is co-financed by the Almería Provincial Council and the Local Council. The latter has been created taking advantage of the replacement of the pavement along the coast road in the whole El Palmeral area.

Although accessibility for users in general has been improved at all of them, it is important to highlight that in the areas adjacent to the bus stops special paving stones have been installed for blind people. Warning signs through a surface of buttons or domes and the surface of lines or curved moulding that, undoubtedly, improve their accessibility and their orientation. Podotactile paving, the purpose of which is to signal and warn about a change in height and to guide along the correct way to the stop. The button paving to warn you are approaching the stop and the curved moulding paving to guide you there along the correct path.

In this remodelling and creation of the bus shelters, both on the Mojácar Paseo Marítimo and at the fountain, larger structures have been installed, where users find a greater protected space and where future passengers can wait more comfortably for the buses, with more shaded area and protection from the elements.

It has to be taken into account that these shelters serve as a stop and waiting area for users for both the urban bus service and the metropolitan, public transport lines that go to different points outside the municipality.