Tara Lassey winner of the Moors and Christians Mojácar 2023 poster competition.

The Moors & Christians 2023 festivity now has the poster that will represent it for this edition and which will be officially exhibited, along with the programme of events, in mid-May.

Twenty-five works were entered into the 5th Poster Competition of this edition, corresponding to artists from different parts of Spain. From these, the jury made up of different members of the Mojácar Moors & Christians Association and communications professionals, chose the three finals so that the public, through social media, could vote for their preference.
The winning poster in the competition organised by the Mojácar Moors & Christians Almosaquer Association for the 2023 festivities corresponds to the artist Tara Lassey, with her work titled “Moors & Chistians”, obtaining 59.26% of the votes cast via social media, followed by the poster “Sobre las Olas” (On the waves9, with 28.40%.
Tara Lassey is an artist of British origin, born in West Yorkshire, and settled in Mojácar, with her family, for two years.
Her works are created in different styles and materials: watercolour, pencil, acrylic and ink, including new digital techniques. In her beginnings in the art world, portraits of people or animals mainly caught her attention, but it was when she arrived in Mojácar that she was captivated by its landscape and started to include other themes in her works.
Wrapped in the light of the locality and mainly its sunsets, Tara Lassey has wanted to reflect in her poster the beauty of the Mojácar sunset and to capture the magical element of the village and this festivity.
The Mojácar Moors & Christians festivities will begin on the 16th of June, ending on the 18th with a grand parade, as has now been taking place for more than 35 years.
Emilio Egea, the new Association president, will present the official programme, accompanied by all the different presidents of the “Kábilas” (Moorish peoples), and “Cuarteles” (encampments), announcing all the novelties and details of the locality’s most important festivity, and undoubtedly the province’s most significant Moors & Christians festival.