1st National Moors & Christians marches composition competition 2020 held in Mojácar.





The concert of the finalist compositions in the 1st National Competition of Moors and Christians Marches, organised by the Mojácar Al-Mosaquer association, Mojácar Council, the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain Association and the Spanish Federation of Family Tourism, has been held on Mojácar.

Following two years of postponement due to the pandemic, it was at last possible to celebrate this highly-anticipated competition scheduled for May 2020. The Mojácar Al-Mosaquer Moors & Christians Association wants the competition to begin a stage where the music of these kinds of festivals acquires more importance, expressly recognising its contribution to making the Moors & Christians festivity a recognised cultural asset.

This first edition was dedicated to Moorish marches. Of those taking part in the competition, four went through to the final and were performed by the locality’s Municipal Music Band and enjoyed by the large audience.

The jury was made up of Diego Morales, President of the Mojácar Moors & Christians General Association; Juan Pedro Montoya, Treasurer; Miguel Ängel Miranda, Director of the Municipal Music Band; Ginés Gallardo, Music Professor and Competition Director; and Javier Miguel Artaza, composer and Professor of Composition Fundamentals at the Murcia Superior Conservatory of Music.

The Al-Mosaquer General Association wanted to express its special thanks to Javier Artaza for accepting the invitation to form part of this jury. And of course, to thank the Mojácar Municipal Music Band musicians and director for their enormous work preparing the four marches.

The winner was Ángel Francisco Pérez Montesinos, awarded 1,000 euros and a diploma. The chosen compostion received the name “Mojácar Mora”, with which it will be performed from now on.

The criteria followed by the jury were based on the sound and melody, the instrumentation and the parade character, which is of great importance as they are performed in different processions and acts celebrated during these festivities.

The Al-Mosaquer Association plans to organise the 2nd Al-Mosaquer National Competition of Moors and Christians Marches 2023 in the Christian Marches category. The rules will be published next September. The aim with these competitions is that within a few years each “Kábila” and each “Cuartel” group will have a march dedicated in its honour.

At every edition of the Mojácar Moors & Christians festival, novelties are presented which even further enrich its special idiosyncrasies. A unique fiesta of its kind and which year after year attracts even more people. An unmissable date in the provincial calendar, which nobody wants to miss, and for enjoying all the surprises and novelties which the Al-Mosaquer Association organises over the three days the celebration lasts.