New International artists come to Mojácar thanks to the Valparaíso foundation and the Locality´s Local Council Scholarships

New artists continue to spend time in Mojácar, awarded scholarships by Mojácar Council and the Valparaíso Foundation.

This time it was the first residents of February, once the collaboration between the council and Valparaiso, which had been maintained with a very restricted presence of international artists due to Covid, was reestablished with full normality.
On this occasion, seven creators from various disciplines, stayed in Mojácar during the first fortnight of February.
The group was made up of Andreas Rasmussen, an interdisciplinary visual artist who experiments with multiple materials, of Danish origin, born in Copenhagen; Jeppe Ugelvig, writer, also Danish, has given readings of his work throughout the world, mainly in New York and London; Maria Judova, visual and digital artist, Slovenian, directly awarded a scholarship by Mojácar Council, she has had her artistic base in Prague for more than 10 years. She bases her artistic creation on the creative potential of technology. She regularly collaborates with performance artists, dancers and choreographers, attempting to understand the principles which can be found behind the creation of movement.
Also there were Elena Mironov, a native of Estonia, singer, composer and musician; Ivana Mer, Slovak singer, composer and musician, author of music for dance and theatre. Ivana has presented her repertoire in concerts throughout Europe, as well as in South America. She has been nominated for the National Theatre Prize in Slovakia in the “Best Music for Theatre” category; Peter Hammer, Danish filmmaker and Anders Villadsen, trained at Denmark’s National Cinema School, winner of the “Robert Award for Best Editing”.
New artists will this month join in the scholarships which Mojácar Council and the Valparaíso Foundation offer to everyone and from all branches of creation, where the artists, in a privileged location like Mojácar, find a quiet and peaceful place where they can focus on their creative work.