The Mojácar Medieval Market opens its doors for the Moors & Christians festivities.

The Mojácar Medieval Market opened its doors on Friday 16th for the celebration of the Moors & Christians festivites.

Between Plaza Nueva and Calle Glorieta of Mojácar old town, more than 40 stalls offer different products, all of them hand-made.
The visitor will be able to find everything from costume jewellery to beauty products, leather, wood and traditional sweets, all with the stalls decorated in Medieval style and the stallholders dressed in period costume to definitely transport us to the festive atmosphere and of a market of the Medieval period.
For the opening a parade by Bambolea was planned with aerial acrobatics, and with falconry as an essential activity in Medieval times, an exhibition of birds of prey was also organised by “Águilas del Sol”, to show visitors a demonstration of the such ancient art of hunting.
On Saturday 17th at 12 midday the market starts up again. The souk will be full of tumblers and the exhibition of birds of prey. In Plaza Nueva, Moorish and Christian-themed characters will liven up the morning with a spectacular performance.
And in the afternoon, after enjoying a good lunch in the different “kábilas” and “cuarteles” (Moorish and Christian encampments), you will be able to enjoy an excellent Moorish tea in an authentic Bedouin tent which will mean a trip to the tales of “a thousand and one nights.” You will also be able to opt for a good Medieval afternoon snack which will give us the energy to continue the day with the melodies of Treefolk or to be able to listen to the stories, legends and games of Bambolea.
At 10 at night a surprise awaits visitors. Illuminated by the Moorish moon, there will be a fusion of Arab dance. Follow the magic with the games of jugglers and fire, which will go around all the streets of the old town.
Over the three days the market will last, as well as all these fun activities, you will be able to find a point for a photocall prepared with Moors and Christians, where you will be able to immortalise the occasion, and of course, many children’s attractions in Plaza Nueva.
For the Sunday, the last day of the Mojácar Moors & Christians festivities, and while awaiting the most eagerly anticipated time of the grand gala parade, you can have a hearty breakfast while enjoying the flight of the birds of prey and the parades that will wake up the town and remind everyone that only a few hours remain until the impressive parade that will start at 6.30pm.
Thousands of participants, divided into the seven groups, whether they are Moors or Christians, accompanied by floats, horses and music bands, will go from Plaza Nueva to the Fountain in an exhibition of the most luxurious costumes, representations and performances which make the Mojácar Moors & Christians festivities the most important and representative festival, not only of Almería province, but of the whole of eastern Spain.