La Mena – Macenas Trail PR – A96

Distance (round trip): 10 km.   Route Type: Hiking  Dificult: medium

The tour begins at the end of Mojácar´s promenade, about seven metres above sea level, on the right side of the Alfaixwalkway entrance, next to the Indalo Hotel. Going along the Mojácar-Carboneras road, which winds along the sea cliffs of Sierra Cabrera, a former road link between the municipality and Carboneras, used in the past to transport equipment and goods by pack animals. It even came to be used by ancient gas cars from the 40s in the last century.

The trail runs through a narrow and rocky path carved into an area of great geological diversity with gentle ups and downs, which offers the opportunity to observe this part of the Almería coastline, with views showing us of the beauty of the Pedestrian Route. From the heights of the path and due to the transparency of the sea,  we can see the seabed and some seabirds such as gulls and cormorants, which use nearby islands. Further on  there is a singular crag known by locals as the “Stone of the Nazarene”. Above it, you can see the remains of mining activities from early last century, such us the old landing platfoms, hoppers and mine entrances, which provide shelter for several species of bats and predatory birds,  such as kestrels and hawks.

Then, we come to Macenas Castle, a military construction built in the 18th century to watch over the coast, and to the south, a dirt road along the coast from the castle, consisting of large sheets of fossil sand agglomerates.

Opposite the castle, you can go up the hillside to reach higher up observation points.From there, there is a  majestic view of the coastline from the highest point of the trail, approximately 150 metres up. Going donwn the road you come back to the trail to continue to the Perulico Tower, a protected area for its unique geological path culminating in the Rock or Perulico Tower, built in the Nasrid period (centuries XIII-XIV) which formed part  of the Mediterranean coast´s . The Rock, with the great tower and natural arc at the foot of the rock, is a setting of unique natural beauty.

By following the path you can return to Macenas Castle, to come back onto the trail and return to the starting point of the route.

Topoguide trail La Mena – Macenas: Front cover and back cover.