Mojácar´s IV Online games Championship for youngsters

Organized by the Mojácar Council along with its Guadalinfo technology centre.

For the fourth year running and, as part of the programme of activities lined up for youngsters during Fiesta time, Mojácar Council along with its Guadalinfo technology centre organized an Online Games Championship for 8 to 14 year olds.

In all 24 took part in the fun day, each developing their skills through three different strategy games, in which the players advanced through increasingly difficult levels, strengthening their logic, thought processes and mental development. It is, an alternative way of introducing to young people alternative ways of exercising their minds by employing maths, resources and research to work their way through set stages in an entertaining way, that they really enjoy.

Championship winners were Abel García, Antonio Caparrós and Felipe Grima, who tied for the top positions in a tightly fought final. All participants received a diploma for their efforts from Mojácar Council’s Education and Culture Councillors, Ana García and Raquel Belmonte, who were both delighted with the high level of interest, which confirmed just how popular these games are with youngsters as well as adults.