Mojacar Recipes

Ajo colorao (red garlic): Ingredients: potatoes, dried red peppers, eggs, sausace or cod, garlic and olive oil.

Preparation: Cut the potatoes into medium pieces and set them to cook with the peppers, eggs and sausage or cod. When cooked, mince them and cut the sausage into small pieces. Mince the peppers in a pestle and mortar with the garlic and an oil mixture. Add all to the potatoes and garnish with a chopped egg.

Pelotas (meatballs): Ingredients: dried chickpeas, bacon, blood sausage, meat bones, onion, garlic, minced meat, parsley, cinnamon and clove, boiled eggs, red pepper, flour and lemon.

Preparation: Put the dried chickpeas, bacon, blood sausage and the meat bone into a pot to boil. Mince the onion and garlic. When the chickpeas and bacon are cooked, mince everything well and add fresh minced meat, parsley, spices, cinnamon, clove, boiled eggs, a little dry red pepper, a little millet and wheat flour and a few drops of lemon to form the dough. Cover your hands with milled flour and form meatballs.

At the same time, prepare fried onion with water, pepper, saffron and salt. When it begins to boil, add the meatballs inside and let them cook for 10 minutes. Then remove the meetballs and let them stand for 10 minutes before serving.

Gurullos with rabbit: Ingredients: water, flour, olive oil, onion, red pepper, chopped, rabbit, laurel and salt.

Preparation:“Gurullos” (flour balls) are  hand-made dough in a cylinder shape: half a centimetre thick long spaghetti, made of water, oil, salt and flour.

Once made, let them dry in the sun. Fry the onion and add the pieces of rabbit. When cooked, add water and simmer until the meat is tender. Add the cut potatoes and the flour balls. When everything is cooked, add crushed and fried red peppers.

Gachas (porridge): Ingredients.: flavour, salt and water.

Preparation:  Boil water in a clay pot. When it starts boiling, add flour and stir with a dry piece of cane called “gachero”.Simmer, stirring continuously until the porridge forms.

Mix the porridge with a fish broth.

Fish broth for the “Gachas” Ingredients: green peppers, garlic, onion, varied fish (bream, spider fish, etc.-)

Preparation: Make a sauce with peppers, onions, tomatoes and three cloves of garlic.

Once done, add water. When it starts boiling, add parsley and a little saffron to the chopped potatoes and fish.